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"Melanie is a brilliant copy editor. I was worried about sending my manuscript to an editor at first, but found it to be an enriching experience. Melanie kept me updated throughout the edit, and gave great constructive advice along the way. Her work has greatly improved my manuscript in ways that I couldn’t have done so on my own. Highly recommend."

Richard S Pearce


I offer two editing services:

The combined edit (line editing + copy editing + proofreading)

The simple proofread



My combined edit consists of line editing, copy editing, plus proofreading. This is a thorough line-by-line edit focusing on language use and style, with a view to making your sentences as impactful as they can be, all while respecting your author voice and style, as well as grammar, punctuation and spelling. It will also look at:

  • Clarity, readability & style

  • Pacing & flow

  • Dialogue (focusing on style & realism, as well as the mechanics of dialogue formatting)

  • Word choice: in particular cliched or awkward language

  • Overused phrases & repetition

  • Telling vs. showing

  • Overwriting

  • Tense consistency​

  • Spelling & grammar

  • Applying style decisions, e.g. UK vs. US English, -ize/-ise endings,  capitalisation, en/em dashes

  • Consistency in character, setting, timeline etc.

  • Drawing attention to obvious plot holes

  • Punctuation: commas, ellipses, dialogue formatting, etc.

  • Accuracy (including basic fact checking)

  • POV issues

This is NOT a developmental editing service, and therefore does not look at bigger picture issues such as pacing, character development, plot structure, etc.

This service is most likely to suit authors who have been through a developmental edit or manuscript critique and who are done making big picture changes to their novel, and are now looking to finesse their prose, ensure it is error free, and ready it for publishing.


Changes are made in Word using track changes. You'll get two copies of your manuscript back from me: one with the edits shown and a clean copy with the changes accepted. You'll also get a style guide detailing the editorial decisions made and the punctuation, grammar and spelling styles that were applied.


My fee for the combined edit is £5.00 per 1,000 words.

For example, a combined edit for an 80,000 word novel would be £400.



The final check before publishing. I will go through your manuscript and correct any spelling and grammar issues, paying close attention to consistency based on your style guide. I will also correct any formatting or layout issues with your manuscript.


My fee for proofreading is £3.50 per 1,000 words.

For example, a proofreading for an 80,000 word novel would be £280.


I offer a free sample edit of up to 1,000 words. This gives you, as the author, a chance to decide whether my editing style fits you, and allows me, as the editor, to get an idea of how much work is needed.

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